R.W. Jameson Guitars – Full-Size Thinline Black Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

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RW Jameson Guitars Black Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned guitar player, this Full-Size Thinline AcousticElectric Guitar is a great option. With its beautiful thin-line body with a high-gloss finish, it is a pretty sight.

This R.W. Jameson Full-Size Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar has a one-piece cutaway body that provides the ultimate comfort and playability.

If you are a beginner who’s just starting to learn the art of playing the guitar, this kind that provides a comfortable playing experience is a good choice to start.

What’s more, you can plug it into an amplifier, which makes it great to use in live shows and recordings. This full-size guitar with a thin-line body comes with a free padded gig case and guitar pics. Truly a bang for the buck, this guitar is also a great addition to your growing collection of guitars.


  • Size: full sized
  • Body: thin-line Nato
  • Top: spruce
  • Overall length: 41 inches
  • Body thickness: 3 inches
  • Scale length: 25.5 inches
  • Nut width: 1.685 inches
  • Finish: high-gloss black
  • Fingerboard: rosewood
  • Comes with steel strings, a truss rod, and pickup
  • Built-in EQ
  • Solid maple neck
  • Die-cast enclosed tuners
  • Comes with a free padded gig bag and guitar picks


R.W. Jameson Guitars is a family-owned company committed to providing high-quality instruments that deliver great performance and value for all kinds of guitar players.

Whether you are a seasoned guitar player, a hobbyist, or someone who is just starting out, Jameson Guitars can provide the right instrument for your needs at an amazing price.

The company strives to make music-making affordable and attainable for people who have passion or curiosity for playing music. Its belief is that you don’t have to spend a lot to have a good and dependable musical instrument.

This Full-Size Thinline Black Acoustic Electric Guitar is part of R.W. Jameson’s flagship series. It features a 41-inch full-scale thin-line body with a single cutaway that provides the ultimate comfort and playability. This beautiful guitar has a high-gloss black finish and is made with a rosewood fingerboard, spruce top, Nato body, and a solid maple neck.

It can be played acoustically, which makes it great for people who wants to spend some quiet practice time at home, or it can also be plugged into an amp, making it great for live concerts, recordings, and different events. Either way, this guitar provides a great sound.

With plenty of great reviews from users, this guitar is very reliable and has proven its worth from thousands who have purchased it.

People were very happy with its quality make, good assembly, and smooth finish. The pick guard is decent, and a truss rod is included, which is rare for acoustic-electric guitars at this price range.

Compared to other brands of acoustic-electric guitars, this R.W. Jameson Full-Size Thinline Guitar’s passive pickups work great with both solid-state and tube amps. Because of its thin-line design, guitar players found it easier to grip and play than a typical dreadnought or classical style guitar.

Acoustically, it sounds great for a thin-line guitar, although with its three-inch body, you will not be able to achieve the deep bass sound that is usually attained from a standard acoustic guitar. This guitar also comes with a padded gig bag and some free picks.

If you consider the good quality, smooth finish, nice sound, and all the extras included in the set, the R.W. Jameson Full-Size Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar is a great bargain for its price. It can be used for beginners, but according to some users’ experiences, it may be better suited for a novice player.

This guitar is definitely a great buy for someone who is experienced in playing an acoustic guitar and for guitar players who are looking for an affordable guitar to add to their collection.


With its price, this guitar’s features are a great bargain that is ideal for people starting out in their musical journey, but some users commented that the fingerboard and strings have a high action, which makes it quite challenging for beginners.


The R.W Jameson this Full-Size Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar is definitely a great option for guitar players who are already experienced in playing with acoustic guitars but are looking for the additional feature of plugging it into an amp.

Sounding great acoustically and plugged in, this guitar offers flexibility for different playing styles and occasions. With a price tag under $100, you will find it hard to find another guitar that offers a better balance of affordability and good quality.

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